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Zero@wavefunction is one of a few collaborative art and science projects of Victoria Vesna, a media artist, and James Gimzewski, a nanoscientist. Both are professors at UCLA, home to the recently formed California Nano Systems Institute (CNSI). They first started their dialogue during a conference entitled ‘from Networks to Nanosystems’ in November 2001. Soon thereafter, Gimzewski opened his lab to Victoria Vesna and together they initiated a number of projects whose goal is to make nanoscience more accessible and understandable to the broader public. At the same time they are interested engaging the audience in probing larger philosophical questions about the impact of this emerging science on the culture at large.

For the past six months they have worked together on developing projects such as: the official CNSI web site; a streaming video project, “Windows to Nanotechnology” and a major installation, “Zero@Wavefunction” that will premiere at the Biennial of Electronic Arts in Perth, Australia, August, 2002. There is no lead person in this collaboration – it is a true back and forth exchange of wavefunction energy. There is no contract – it is a collaboration based on their true interest in each other’s worlds.

Nanotechnology is a brave new world and within it there are dangers and immense opportunities to change not only world economy, but the entire structure of society and the environment of the planet. It has no clearly articulated vision or direction and is generally not understood but greeted by wonderment, curiosity, fear and distrust by the public.


Victoria Vesna & Jim Gimzewski
Josh Nimoy: Software Artist
Pete Conolly: Sensor Artist
Li Xu: Web Designer

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