Albert Einstein’s greatest contribution to humanity is the discovery that matter and energy are inter-convertible. Matter appears, changes and disappears. Nothing is solid, not even a rock. The atoms and electrons in a rock are subtle and alive just as the ocean is. These particles are described in quantum mechanics by a complex function known as a wavefunction. A wavefunction contains all the probabilities and energetic possibilities of particles: (space, energy and sometimes time). These wavefunctions are basically connected and when two come close, they are both changed. In fact they have a probability to create nothing: zero.
Zero@wavefunction installation and interactivity is based on the way a nanoscientist manipulates an individual molecule (billions of times smaller than common human experience) projected on a monumental scale. When a person passes by, they cast a larger than life shadow on the molecule and activate responsive buckyballs. The visualizations are of buckyballs that respond via sensors to the movement of the person’s shadow and the possibility of manipulating the molecule emerges.