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This installation is site and time specific, recording the flavor of a particular geographic and social location. People who are the main organizers of the event are central personas to the piece. At the Edith Russ Media Haus, the main collaborators are:

Dörthe Bührmann;
Jan-Peter Sonntag;
Jens Thiele;
Nadine Brandorff;
Sabine Grote;
Rosanne Altstatt;
Helene von Oldenburg;
Paula von Sydow;
Frank Möcklinghoff
Andreas Piehl

I am grateful to the following people for their help and response+ability:

Rosanne Alstatt
for helping realize this piece at very short notice.
Christian Stelter and Jörg
for helping establish streaming video.

Frank Möcklinghoff
for helping with the installation and sound.
Andreas Piehl
for helping edit the video.
Betty Grote
for helping all around and lending her voice.
Paula von Sydow
for translation and helping all around Streaming provided by:ECCE TERRAM Internet.



Adriana de Souza e Silva

Rosanna Man
system administration